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It’s not just your plastics you can recycle!

Have you got ill-fitting or unwanted bras just sitting in your bra drawer? They could go to a very good cause.

We at Pandora’s Box are professional bra fitters, and know only too well how many women come to be fitted, and still keep their ill fitting bras. We understand that bras are expensive, and it can take a bit of time adjusting to a new size and fit, but not only can your old (in good condition) bras be recycled, they are taking up valuable space for the new ones ladies!

Many of us are now doing our bit for the environment, and even searching for new ways to make a difference. Bra recycling is one way you can make a difference! Read our top tips for other ideas on how to prolong the life of a bra.

4 Top tips for prolonging the life of a bra:

1. Always get fitted by a professional who has lots of experience!

2. If you wear a clean bra everyday, then try to wear the same bra for 2 days to cut down on washing.

3. Use a bra bag to wash your bras in if you have a handwash cycle on your washing machine. This way the wires won’t bend, and hooks won’t get caught on other items, resulting in having to replace your bras!

4. Storing your bras. Try to put them in a drawer that’s big enough to fit them comfortably. Getting rid of old ones that don’t fit will give you more room. If you try to squeeze your bras into a drawer, you will damage the structure of the wires, and it may damage the bra, leading to replacing your bras more regularly.

Buying a new bra, especially when you’ve changed size or had them for a year or more, is not a luxury it’s a necessity to keep your breasts supported, maintain confidence and posture.

Donate them to the Pandora’s Box bra bank and we will be recycled by BCR Global Textiles, giving them a new lease of life in developing countries across Africa. Not only does this help traders support their families by selling textiles locally, BCR also donates £1,000 to ‘Against Breast Cancer’ for every tonne of textiles they collect. That's only 9,000 bras, and with over 30 million women in the UK, this scheme really could help make a difference!

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