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About Us

Over 25 years of bra fitting experience. 

We are expert bra and jean fitters! We love what we do, and have been doing it for a long time. Over 25 years in fact


We never tire of helping women find great fitting bras, they feel comfortable, supported and fabulous in! We do the same with the jeans we sell as we realised some time ago, that women find buying jeans, almost as hard work as buying bras.

We specialise in fitting, which means it's our job to take the hassle out of finding a great bra that fits and jeans you want to wear all the time. If you don't live near us, then don't worry we can help over email or a telephone consultation. We have also put together a fitting guide for bras and jeans to help you. 

Jackie and Michelle are here to help. We're looking forward to hearing from you. 






Fabulous service! After a very traumatic experience elsewhere yesterday in Liverpool I visited this little gem of a shop today.... Bridesmaid bra purchased with perfect customer care & help & all in a super quick time. Thank you so much! I will be back xx


What an amazing shop! I usually go to the high street chains for my bras but never again! 
I was fitted with the PERFECT bra with no measuring and got advice on how to wiggle in to it. 
I first bought one but was so impressed with how it felt on me and how comfortable it is I soon went back for another. They keep your size on file so if your other half wants to treat you they can go in and get friendly help.
Thank you so much!


I was absolutely dreading going for a fitting today at Pandora's box after going to several large retailers and some smaller places for fittings and coming out really self conscious with badly fitted bras and almost in tears a few times with some of the comments!

This is the first time in my life that I've come out of a fitting with a massive smile on my face, the ladies here are absolutely lovely and didn't make me feel self conscious at all, I've come out with some gorgeous items and for the first time ever I have really comfortable, gorgeous and well fitted bra's. I feel girly again!

Seriously can't thank the ladies enough and can't wait to go back! Thank you


MONDAY.                  10-5

TUESDAY.                 10-5

WEDNESDAY.           10-5 

THURSDAY.               10-5

FRIDAY.                      10-5

SATURDAY                10-5


*We may open some Sundays throughout the year. We will notify you if this is the case, such as Christmas time. 

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