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How do I wash and care for my bras?

As per manufacturers instructions, we also recommend in order to keep your lingerie in the best possible condition, you 'hand wash' it!

We realise that 'hand washing' takes that little bit more time but it can make a significant difference to the life of your bra.

If you machine wash underwired items, the heat and motion of the wash will shrink the casing that the wire sits in and may force the wire out. It may also misshape the wire so it no longer lies flat. If the wires come out in your washing machine then it can cost you more than a new bra. It can get stuck in the mechanisms of the washing machine and could be costly to fix! When hand washing, it is always best to use cool water as hot water can not only shrink the wire casing but also damage delicate fabrics and accessories. Alternatively, you can put all your bras together, fastened up at the back so they don't get caught on each other, and put in a lingerie bag or old pillow case tied with a hair bobble or similar. Put on the 'hand wash' or 'delicate' cycle on your washing machine as this is much gentler.

Hand washing will also prevent colour fading and help to stop white bras going a lovely grey colour!

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