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Find the fit!

Whatever your size, shape or questions are, we're here to help you find the right fit.


Why do different shops and brands fit differently?

Many women can find buying a bra a daunting experience. There is not a day that goes by at Pandora's Box that we are not fitting women in their bras, explaining how bras should fit and giving the advice that women often haven't had before.


After 25 years, we still find this unbelievable. However, it is the fact that there is so much choice in bras now, from styles to where you can buy them from. This is why many women we see will either stick to the same style of bra, or only come to us to be fitted. 

Fitting a bra is an 'experts' job, and whilst we have tried to be helpful by adding the video below, and the images with explanations, unless you have experienced a great bra fitting before, fitting yourself is hard work. There are so many variables, that only a fitting room environment and an expert with lots of bras at her disposal can deal with. 

If you don't live near by, then we will try our best to help you find the right bra from us. Watch the video, look at the fitting images, and let us know if we can be of any further assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.  


We stock a wide range of Fantasie bras, and have been trained by the team at Fantasie on bra fitting. We would like to share their fitting video with you. The video shows you what to look out for when fitting your bra, and how to put your bra on.

We always explain and show people how to put their bras on in the fitting room, as this can make a big difference to how a bra fits and looks. 

If you have bought a bra from our website, and ned some help with fitting it, then watch this video. Email or call us if you need any other help.

How do I know if my bra fits? 

Below are some examples and explanations of badly fitting bras and how bras should fit comfortably and correctly. 



The two illustrations here, show a badly fitting bra, and something we're very used to seeing on a daily basis at Pandora's Box.

The first image is showing the breasts coming out of the cups - but not in a good way! There's a difference between cleavage and bulging. This shows the cups are too small.

The second image is showing the body of the bra riding up the back. The model has pulled the straps quite tightly to compensate for the lack of support given by the band being too loose. If the model loosened the straps it would be very obvious the band is too loose. 

In this illustration the model is wearing at least 2 band sizes too big and at least 2 cup sizes too small. 

Images have been provide by Royce Lingerie. We sell Royce Maternity and Teen bras.

Fitting Images.jpg
Bad Back.jpg



The two illustrations here, show a good fitting bra. The example used here is a full cup non-wired bra. Different shaped bras will give different looks. For example a plunge bra, will show more of the top part of the breast tissue (cleavage) - this is different to '4 BOOBS'! If the under part of the cup, the back and thee centre gore is fitting properly on a plunge bra it will fit you properly.  

The first image shows the correct position of the band of thee bra (30,32.....42, 44 etc) It should be firm, but comfortable. Remembering that bras always stretch so they might be tighter at first. 

The second image shows a great fitting bra. It is sitting flat on the rib cage and all the breast tissue is inside the cup because it's a full cup. 

Images have been provide by Royce Lingerie. We sell Royce Maternity and Teen bras.

Back of bra image.jpg
Bra Guide front.jpg
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