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How do I find the right size bra?

This is a question so often asked to us and the answer is quite simply you can't! The right 'size' bra just doesn't exist. Why? I hear you ask. The answer is simple. All bras fit differently because of the difference in shape, fabrics, cut, who made them and what grading they have used (sizing scale).

We don't like to refer to the correct size when fitting women for their bras as this would be misleading. We always say to a woman who has come in to Pandora's Box to be fitted, "don't worry about the size, it's what fits you that counts." It is not unusual to fit into a few different size bras because of the variants mentioned before. A woman who fits into a 32F in one bra may fit just as well in to a 34E or a 32FF in another, even if it is the same brand. Confused? There's no doubt about it, bra fitting is confusing and bewildering for most women. Often women are mislead by guides on websites and in store, showing women how to 'measure' themselves by adding on inches and subtracting etc. This is impossible and literally only meant as a guide for women first training to fit; it's very basic and quite often can be incorrect. Our advice to any woman who has read one of these guides and attempted to measure herself is to be fitted properly by a trained fitting consultant.

How do I find a trained fitting consultant?

Most department stores have fully trained fitting consultants who know what they're talking about. However, we would always recommend Independent shops over department stores as they tend to know more about their stock and fits of bras as they are doing it everyday. Not all independents will specialise in fitting bras however, and this is where it can be difficult. At Pandora's Box in Ormskirk, we get a lot of referals from existing customers. Word of mouth is the best form of authenticity and confidence. If a friend or family member has been to a lingerie shop and is happy with the service, then the chances are you will be too. We have been lingerie fitters for over 25 years and have a good reputation. Look online and see if there are any reviews for shops near you if you do not live near us or go online and visit our website where there are lots of helpful tips and advice on fitting in our fitting room section.

At Pandora's Box we thrive on fitting women in their bras and get great satisfaction on making a difference to women's lives. Join our facebook, Instagram and twitter pages to keep up to date with the latest gossip from Pandora's Box.

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